Today we are launching create sst — a CLI that helps you get started with SST. It creates a full-stack starter that you can use to build your serverless applications.

While serverless has been around for a few years, there isn’t a Twelve-Factor App setup for it.

With create sst, we are trying to bake a lot of these principles into a starter that you can use right away. Simply run:

$ npm init sst

This will bootstrap a full-stack serverless application with end to end type-safety:

  • RDS as the database (with an option to use DynamoDB)
  • GraphQL as the API
    • Pothos for building GraphQL schemas
  • React as the frontend

It also does a few other things that you can step through using a new tutorial we added in our docs:

Launch event

We livestreamed the create sst launch event. You can check it out on YouTube.

Here’s roughly what we covered during the launch:

The video is timestamped, so you can jump ahead.

Looking ahead

With create sst we are planning to address most of the common concerns of application development; including handling authentication, managing secrets, writing tests, and more. As a team we are able to spend a lot more time on little details to get this setup in a place that makes your team as productive as possible. We’ll also be open sourcing a codebase that we are working on internally that uses create sst. We’d like it to serve as an example of a real world production application.

While create sst helps you get started with SST easily, it’s better thought of as an opinionated way to assemble the primitives that SST provides. You might want to tweak this setup or use a different one entirely.

We’ve got a lot more in store and we can’t wait to share it with you all!