The new RemixSite construct makes it easy to deploy Remix apps to AWS.

Remix is a frontend focused framework that delivers modern web experiences but by relying on web standards. The SST community has been looking for a way to deploy a Remix app with SST.

Recently, Sean Matheson put together a very comprehensive PR implementing an SST construct that would deploy a Remix app.

Frank made a couple of changes and merged the PR to officially add the RemixSite construct to the SST family of constructs.

It allows you to:

  • Access other AWS resources in your Remix loaders and actions.
  • Reference environment variables from your backend.
  • Easily set custom domains.
  • Host your Remix apps in single-region or on the Edge.

Launch event

We hosted a launch livestream on YouTube where we did a deep dive of the construct and its features.

We also, took a look at the internal architecture and the construct code. Here’s roughly what we covered.

  • Intro
  • Architecture
  • Environment variables
  • Access AWS services
  • Custom domains
  • Deploy to Edge
  • How to get started
  • Deep dive into the code
  • How does it work with sst start?
  • Why is the non-Edge setup the default?
  • Should we be talk to the DB directly?
  • Does the app size impact deploy time?
  • What about the cache policy limit?
  • Which Remix deployment target to use?
  • Q&A

The video is timestamped, so you can jump ahead.

Get started

You can get started with the RemixSite construct by taking our example for a spin:

$ npx create-sst@latest --template=examples/remix-app my-sst-app
$ cd my-sst-app
$ npm install
$ npx sst start

# Deploy to prod
$ npx sst deploy --stage prod

Also make sure to check out the docs.