Today we are announcing our $1M seed round. The new funding helps us in our mission to make it easy for developers to build full-stack serverless applications. You can read more about this announcement over on TechCrunch as well.

Our SST allows developers to test and make changes to their applications by directly connecting their local machines to the cloud. The biggest issue that developers face while adopting serverless is the ability to debug their applications locally. With SST, developers are able to set breakpoints and inspect their code, just as they would with any other type of application. Since its public launch 5 months ago, SST has grown to over 2K stars on GitHub and has been downloaded over 60K times.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank SST community for being involved right from day one. We couldn’t have built SST without you. Your continued feedback has pushed us to improve every part of the framework. It has also allowed us to truly understand the problems developers face while trying to adopt serverless. Also thanks to you, our Slack community has grown to nearly 500 members and is a welcoming space for anybody that’s looking to use serverless.

As more and more developers discover and adopt SST’s live local development environment; our team is committed to adding features to support their workflow. This commitment shows clearly in our rapid release history.

We are also incredibly proud of what we’ve built with the SST Guide, it is the most widely read resource for serverless. And Seed; the best way for teams to deploy and manage their serverless applications.

The new funding allows us to expand the team to better serve the community and ensure that you have everything you need to build serverless applications. So if you are excited about where we are heading and would like to help our cause, we would like you to join our team!