As the first episode of the Is serverless ready? series, we are showing off a preview of SST’s upcoming v2 release.

You can check it out on YouTube here.

The video is timestamped and here’s roughly what’s going to be released as a part of SST v2:

  1. Monopackage — SST is now going to use a monopackage. Moving from @serverless-stack to simply sst.
  2. New config — There’s a new config file. A .js file instead of the .json. Similar to what Vite has.
  3. New functions API — We’ve refactored the props in the SST Functions construct.
  4. Improved codegen — We’ve reworked how SST codegens your types.
  5. pnpm support — We’ve made SST compatible with pnpm. We’ve internally migrated to pnpm as well!
  6. New CLI UI — There’s an all new CLI UI, that makes it easier to figure out what the CLI is doing.
  7. Faster CLI — We’ve refactored the entire CLI codebase and optimized for speed. It’s a lot faster than before.
  8. Faster Live Lambda Dev — We’ve also adopted a new debug stack infrastructure, so Live Lambda Dev is now way faster than before!
  9. Building modern frontends — We are also going to be introducing new constructs for Astro and Solid.
  10. OpenNext — We also launched a new open source initiative called OpenNext to allow Next.js apps to work on AWS, exactly like they do on Vercel.

SST v2 is now in beta and we need your help testing it. So make sure to join us on Discord and take it for a spin.