Now, we are almost ready to make our first deployment. Our app also contains a React app in the frontend/ directory. We need to make sure to run an npm install in that directory. Create React App also fails the build on any warnings in a CI, so we’ll disable that flag.

Let’s quickly add a build script to do this.

Create a new file in your project root called seed.yml with.

  - echo 'export CI=false' >> $BASH_ENV
  - cd frontend && npm install

And let’s commit and push this change.

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Adding a seed build spec"
$ git push

Now if you head into the prod stage in Seed, you should see a build in progress. To check out the build logs, you can click the v1 link.

Seed prod build in progress

Here you’ll see the build taking place live. Click on the notes service that is being deployed.

Prod build details

You’ll see the build logs for the in progress build here.

Prod build logs in progress

Notice the tests are being run as a part of the build.

Prod build run tests

Once the build is complete, you’ll notice all the stack outputs at the bottom.

Prod build stack outputs

Test Our App in Production

Let’s check out our app in production.

Notes app in production

To give it a quick test, sign up for a new account and create a note.

Create notes in production

You can also test updating and removing a note. And also test out the billing page.

So we are almost ready to wrap things up. But before we do, we want to cover one final really important topic; how to monitor and debug errors when your app is live.