Now, we are ready to make our first deployment. You can either Git push a new change to master to trigger it.

Let’s do it through Git.

Change indicator Go to your project root and run the following.

$ npm version patch

This is simply updating the npm version for your project. It is a good way to keep track of the changes you are making to your project. And it also creates a quick Git commit for us.

Change indicator Push the change using.

$ git push

Now if you head into the prod stage in Seed, you should see a build in progress. To check out the build logs, you can click the v1 link.

Seed prod build in progress

Here you’ll see the build taking place live. Click on the notes service that is being deployed.

Prod build details

You’ll see the build logs for the in progress build here.

Prod build logs in progress

Notice the tests are being run as a part of the build.

Prod build run tests

Once the build is complete, you’ll notice all the stack outputs at the bottom.

Prod build stack outputs

Test Our App in Production

Let’s check out our app in production.

App update live screenshot

To give it a quick test, sign up for a new account and create a note. You can also test updating and removing a note. And also test out the billing page.

Congrats! Your app is now live!

Let’s wrap things up next.