The new SST Console is out. You can learn more about it over on our docs.

What is the SST Console

The SST Console is a web based dashboard to manage your SST apps. With it you can invoke functions, debug issues, view logs, and manage all your apps with your team —



With the SST Console, you don’t need to go to CloudWatch to look at the logs for your functions. It also supports a couple of modes; recent, live, and time intervals.


The SST Console will automatically show you any errors in your Lambda functions in real-time. There is:

  • Nothing to setup, no code to instrument
  • Source maps are supported automatically, no need to upload
  • No impact on performance or cold starts, since the functions aren’t modified

Local logs

When the Console starts up, it checks if you are running sst dev locally. If so, then it’ll show you real-time logs from your local terminal.

Open source

The Console is built with SST, deployed with Seed, and you can view the source on GitHub.

The codebase is also a good example of what a production SST app looks like.

Your team and AWS accounts

You can create a workspace in the Console, invite your team, and connect all your AWS accounts. It’ll automatically discover your SST apps.


The SST Console pricing is based on the number of times the Lambda functions in your SST apps are invoked per month. It comes with a free tier of 1M invocations.

You can read more about it over on the docs.

Old Console

The old SST Console is still accessible at But we’ll be moving away from it in the future.

Learn more

Learn more about the new SST Console. And if you have any questions, join us over on Discord.