In the main part of our guide, we used SST to configure custom domains for our serverless app. But if you are using Serverless Framework or want to manage custom domains centrally, Seed gives you another option.

Let’s look at how.

We are still using the same custom domain that we purchased back in the Purchase a Domain with Route 53 chapter.

Add Custom Domain on Seed

Head over to our app settings in Seed.

Seed app pipeline screenshot

Here click on Edit Custom Domains.

Click Edit Custom Domains in app settings screenshot

And click Add for our production endpoint.

Click Add for production endpoint in custom domain settings

Seed will pull up any domains you have configured in Route 53.

Hit Select a domain and you should see a list of all your Route 53 domains. Select the one you intend to use. And fill in the sub-domain and base path. For example, you could use; where api is the sub-domain and prod is the base path.

And hit Add Custom Domain.

Click Add Custom Domain button for prod endpoint

Seed will now go through and configure the domain for this API Gateway endpoint, create the SSL certificate and attach it to the domain. This process can take up to 40 mins.

While we wait, we can do the same for our dev endpoint. Select the domain, sub-domain, and base path. In our case we’ll use something like

Click Add Custom Domain button for dev endpoint

Hit Add Custom Domain and wait for the changes to take place.

And that’s it! Now your app is configured with custom domains on Seed.