Now that we understand what infrastructure as code is, we are ready to create our first SST app.

Change indicator Run the following in your working directory.

$ pnpm create sst notes
$ cd notes
$ pnpm install

By default, our app will be deployed to the us-east-1 AWS region. This can be changed in the sst.config.ts in your project root.

import { SSTConfig } from "sst";
import { API } from "./stacks/MyStack";

export default {
  config(_input) {
    return {
      name: "notes",
      region: "us-east-1",
  stacks(app) {
} satisfies SSTConfig;

Project layout

An SST app is made up of two parts.

  1. stacks/ — App Infrastructure

    The code that describes the infrastructure of your serverless app is placed in the stacks/ directory of your project. SST uses AWS CDK, to create the infrastructure.

  2. packages/ — App Code

    The Lambda function code that’s run when your API is invoked is placed in the packages/functions directory of your project. While packages/core contains our business logic.

Our app is structured as a monorepo. Later on we’ll be adding a frontend/ directory for our React app.

The starter project that’s created is defining a simple Hello World API. In the next chapter, we’ll be deploying it and running it locally.