Now that we’ve setup error logging for our API, we are ready to go over the workflow for debugging the various types of errors we’ll run into.

First up, there are errors that can happen in our Lambda function code. Now we all know that we almost never make mistakes in our code. However, it’s still worth going over this very “unlikely” scenario.

Create a New Branch

Let’s start by creating a new branch that we’ll use while working through the following examples.

Change indicator In the project root for your backend repo, run the following:

$ git checkout -b debug

Push Some Faulty Code

Let’s trigger an error in get.ts by commenting out the noteId field in the DynamoDB call’s Key definition. This will cause the DynamoDB call to fail and in turn cause the Lambda function to fail.

Change indicator Replace the main function in packages/functions/src/get.ts with the following.

export const main = handler(async (event: APIGatewayProxyEvent) => {
  let path_id
  if (!event.pathParameters || ! || == 0) {
    throw new Error("Please provide the 'id' parameter.");
  } else {
    path_id =

  const params = {
    TableName: Table.Notes.tableName,
    // 'Key' defines the partition key and sort key of0
    // the item to be retrieved
    Key: {
      userId: event.requestContext.authorizer?.iam.cognitoIdentity.identityId, // The id of the author
      // noteId: path_id, // The id of the note from the path

  const result = await dynamoDb.get(params);
  if (!result.Item) {
    throw new Error("Item not found.");

  // Return the retrieved item
  return result.Item;

Note the line that we’ve commented out.

Change indicator Let’s commit our changes.

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Adding some faulty code"
$ git push --set-upstream origin debug;

Deploy the Faulty Code

Head over to your Seed dashboard and select the prod stage in the pipeline and hit Deploy.

Click deploy in Seed pipeline

Type in the debug branch and hit Deploy.

Select branch and confirm deploy in Seed

This will deploy our faulty code to production.

Head over on to your notes app, and select a note. You’ll notice the page fails to load with an error alert.

Error alert in notes app note page

Debug Logic Errors

To start with, you should get an email from Sentry about this error. Go to Sentry and you should see the error showing at the top. Select the error.

New network error in Sentry

You’ll see that our frontend error handler is logging the API endpoint that failed.

Error details in Sentry

You’ll also get an email from Seed telling you that there was an error in your Lambda functions. If you click on the Issues tab you’ll see the error at the top.

View Issues in Seed

And if you click on the error, you’ll see the error message and stack trace.

Error details in Seed

If you scroll down a bit further you’ll notice the entire request log. Including debug messages from the AWS SDK as it tries to call DynamoDB.

Lambda request log in error details in Seed

The message The provided key element does not match the schema, says that there is something wrong with the Key that we passed in. Our debug messages helped guide us to the source of the problem!

Next let’s look at how we can debug unexpected errors in our Lambda functions.